Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sony vaio laptop Batteries Burning.

Sony Via Laptops

Sony Via Laptops

Sony vaio laptop batteries are burning due to overheating problem in U.S they got 15 similar cases of Sony vaio laptop burning and in one the user also get an injury through it. Now the Sony Corporation has announce to replace it with the new one. This is the same case as did in the two years back with other leading laptop company “DELL”

There are currently 72,800 no. of laptops alone in the United States which has to be replace. If we think from the company prospective how much loose they get but the all replacement should be in free because Sony Vaio has brand value to maintain their name in the market they have to provide a free service as “DELL” do..

The Laptops are in major problem are Sony VGN-TZ300 ,VGN-TZ100 ,VGN-TZ2000 and VGN-TZ200.As per the Sony they have started an voluntary program to do a free inspection of your laptop and if necessary a repair will be done with high quality standard

If you have Sony Vaio Laptops then call them immediately …………